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Wellspring Fields
June 17, 2020

Wellspring Fields believes in the power of medical marijuana to support individual health and wellness. We provide families and individuals in Ohio with therapeutic, medical marijuana in support of the various qualifying ailments and conditions approved under Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program.

Because we know personally what it means to suffer the side effects of prescription medication, having watched family members struggle with pharmaceuticals for many years, we made it our mission to help people find lasting relief in a more natural way. Our family-owned business provides Ohioans only the highest quality medicinal cannabis in the state. Find out why we are the premier medical marijuana producer and processor in Ohio.

The Wellspring Fields Approach

When Wellspring Fields was founded, we decided to bring a family approach to the business of growing and creating medical marijuana products. As a small business, we rival larger, multi-state corporations in service and commitment to quality.

Each plant is carefully tended so only the best, home-grown cannabis is offered to Ohio patients, fresh from the wellspring. Every employee is highly trained in cultivation and processing practices respectively that match our high standard of excellence.

This approach drives the team to get up every day knowing we are delivering the best cannabis products in Ohio to those who need it most, from our family to yours. 

Commitment to Quality

Quality is one of the most important aspects of our business. Our 10,000 square foot cultivation facility features high-tech OpticPAR LED grow lights from SpecGrade LED. This allows for the optimal growth process through photosynthetic nutrition to the plants throughout the entire life cycle. 

Our facility is licensed to grow within Ohio’s strict standards to restrict access to grow rooms and ensure the safety of everyone on staff. Our premium cannabis cultivation makes us one of the highest quality producers and processors of medical marijuana in Ohio.

When a patient buys a Wellspring Fields product, they know that the product has been deeply and professionally cared for since the plant was a seed to the time that the finished product is crafted.

Products Available

As a licensed processing facility, Wellspring Fields not only grows premium cannabis plants but we also process these plants into sophisticated alternate methods of consumption.  These include our line of premium edibles that include chocolates, caramels, hard candy, peanut butter, and other delicious goodies.

We also offer a variety of strengths in concentrates, oils, vape pens, crumbles, and resin. No matter what method of consumption or level of potency works for you, Wellspring Fields has you covered.

Dispensary Partners

We’re proud to partner with Ohio’s many licensed medical marijuana dispensaries to get premium cannabis products to market for registered patients. As a leader in the industry, our staff is in contact with our dispensary partners across the state ensuring orders are processed, shipments are sent on their way, and patients receive the products and medicine they need to treat a variety of conditions.

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