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Wellspring Fields
November 25, 2020

Wellspring Fields has a state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation facility. This means we bring only the best products into your hands. 

We favor an all-natural, home-grown approach that we know features only the Earth's natural nutrients and products. Although it is more expensive for us to implement an all natural care strategy, it's certainly worth the high quality product that's shipped out to family members, grandparents, and loved ones across the state. Food and medicines should be natural, nourishing your body with clean, chemical free wellness.

Below is a list of medicated chocolate products and other edibles with descriptions of flavors and ingredients.

Salted Chocolate Caramels: A soft chocolate caramel with 10.25mg THC/ 11.45mg CBD * GF *Dairy Allergens. 

Boonanza Bar: Comes in chocolate, caramel, crisp bar with 50mg THC /0mg CBD

*Dairy & amp; Tree Nut (Almond) Allergens. 

Cluster Phunk Bar: Comes in chocolate, caramel, and peanut with 50mg THC /0mg CBD

*Dairy & Tree Nut (Almond) Allergens

Almond Brothers Chocolate Bar: An almond, milk chocolate bar with 44.05mg THC/0 mg CBD *Dairy & Tree Nut (Almond) Allergens 

Milk Chocolate with mallow( Choc mellow): Chocolate and marshmallow with 50mg THC/ 0mg CBD. 

Maddie’s Peanut Butter: Peanut Butter with 39.52mg THC/ 0 mg CBD. 

Hot Drops (Hot Sauce): A mild to medium spice with 14.5mg THC/0 CBD.

Pumpkin Spice Rice Crispy Bar: For a limited time  only, either a pumpkin spice bar or marshmellow bar with 31.35mg THC/0 mg CBD per bar. 

Lemonade Elixir (8 oz): For a limited time only. Lemon flavored drink with 30.82mg THC/0 CBD. 

Jameron’s Strawberry Jam: Strawberry flavored jam with 39.75 mg of THC/0.23 mg of CBD. 

Olive Oil: 4:1 with 34.38mg THC / 9.8mg CBD. 

Milk Chocolate Cherry Chunk Bar: flavored with cherry and chocolate and containing 44 mg THC/ 5.25 mg CBD, *Dairy Allergen.

Milk Chocolate Bar: Milk chocolate with 55 mg THC/ 6.75 mg CBD *Dairy Allergen

Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Almond Bar: Sugar free dark chocolate and almond with 100 mg THC/ 22 mg CBD *Dairy & Tree Nut (Almond) Allergens

Buckeyes: Chocolate and  peanut butter with 24mg THC/ 6.18mg CBD *GF

Caramels: Soft caramel with 10.25 mg THC/ 11.45mg CBD* GF *Dairy Allergens

What’s Poppin’ Rice Crispy Treats: A Marshmallow Crisp with 28 mg THC/ 7.5mg CBD. 

Our Processing Facility allows us to produce alternative forms and allows us to create a wide variety of high quality products that the patients in Ohio deserve. 

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