• Where Can You Buy Medical Marijuana in Ohio?

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November 28, 2020

Purchasing medical marijuana in Ohio may seem complex upfront but it is not as hard as people think. They just need to play by some basic rules set out by people who created regulations for the safety and well-being of everyone who needs it. To purchase medical marijuana, find out what the laws are, how they are licensed, and where to locate licensed dispensaries across Ohio. 

Ohio Laws

Ohio recently began selling medical marijuana to people in need. Medical marijuana is available for patients who go through a process of being licensed, meet with their doctor, obtain an ID card, and visit a qualified dispensary. To purchase a product, this process is required to make sure a legitimate claim for medicinal quality cannabis is necessary. With an ID card, any dispensary can meet with patients to discuss their needs. Rules and regulations exist to keep strict tabs on who grows, sells, and purchases marijuana to keep people from buying or selling illegally. Ohio laws state patients cannot smoke but may be able to vape if they so choose. Medicated oils, patches, creams, tinctures, and edibles are just some of the available products patients can buy. 

Licensing Rules

A 90-day supply is available to qualified cardholders at one of 50 plus dispensaries across Ohio. According to Ohio’s regulations, people are allowed to purchase no more than a whole day unit at any one time. This varies by type of marijuana. It includes one-tenth of an ounce of plant material, two-hundred ninety-five milligrams of THC in the patch, lotion, cream, or ointment form and up to five hundred ninety milligrams of THC in oil for vaporization. People who walk in as patients to dispensaries need to meet these criteria to get licensed for consumption:

  • Have one of many qualifying conditions, including cancer, PTSD, glaucoma, MS, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s, or one of the others listed on the Ohio regulatory website
  • Obtain approved doctor’s consent to visit a dispensary for the product. As of March 2019, there are 450 physicians allowed in Ohio to make recommendations. 
  • Establish patient-doctor relationship beyond just asking for cannabis, get a review of the past few month’s prescriptions, and discuss the associated benefits and risks of use
  • Register with the State Board of Pharmacy, pay the fee and get an ID card

Licensed Dispensaries

The following is a comprehensive list of qualified dispensaries providing medical marijuana in the state of Ohio:

  • About Wellness Ohio: 1525 Genntown Drive, Ste. B5, Lebanon
  • Bloom Medicinals: 1238 Conant St., Maumee
  • Bloom Medicinals: 737 E .North St., Akron
  • Bloom Medicinals: 382 Blackbrook Road, Painesville
  • Bloom Medicinals: 1361 Georgesville Road, Columbus
  • Bloom Medicinals: 403 S Main St., Seven Mile
  • Buckeye Botanicals: 3 Acy Ave., Unit A: Jackson
  • Clubhouse Dispensary: 709 Sugar Lane, Elyria
  • CY+ Dispensary: 180 Main St., Wintersville
  • Debbie’s Dispensary: 1088 N. High St., Hillsboro
  • Eagle Dispensaries: 502 N. Dixie Highway, Wapakoneta
  • FRX Health, 1865 Dresden Ave., East Liverpool
  • gLeaf Medical Cannabis, 2932 Youngstown Road SE, Warren
  • Greenleaf Apothecaries: 3865 Lakeside Ave E., Cleveland
  • Greenleaf Apothecaries: 115 Vine St., Columbus
  • Greenleaf Apothecaries: 30133 Euclid Ave., Wickliffe
  • Greenleaf Apothecaries: 3840 Greentree Ave. SW, Canton
  • Greenleaf Apothecaries: 46 S Summit St., Akron
  • Have a Heart Cincy: 8420 Vine St., Cincinnati
  • Leaf Relief: 4323 Market St., Youngstown
  • Mad River Remedies: 5604 Airway Road, Riverside
  • Ohio Cannabis Company: 23024 County Road, 621 Suite 1, Coshocton
  • Ohio Grown Therapies: 1246 N. 21st St., Newark
  • Ohio Provisions: 3560 Dolson Court, Carroll
  • Ohio Valley Natural Relief: 840 Canton Road, Wintersville
  • Pure Ohio Wellness: 1875 Needmore Road, Dayton
  • Pure Ohio Wellness: 1711 W. Main St., Springfield
  • Rise: 3157 W. Sylvania Ave., Toledo
  • Rise: 1222 Prospect Ave. E, Cleveland
  • Rise: 11818 Madison Ave., Lakewood
  • Rise: 1920 Cooper Foster Park Road W, Lorain
  • Soothe: 1155 N. Main St., Bowling Green
  • Strawberry Fields: 1155 N. Main St., Monroe
  • Strawberry Fields: 245 W. Main St., Logan
  • Strawberry Fields: 414 Greene St., Marietta
  • Strawberry Fields: 333 Wayne Ave., Dayton
  • Terrasana Labs: 1800 E. State St., Fremont
  • Terrasana Labs: 656 Grandview Ave., Columbus
  • Terrasana Labs: 10500 Antenucci Road, Suite 200, Garfield Heights
  • Terrasana Labs: 183 Raydo Circle, Springfield
  • The Forest Sandusky: 1651 Tiffin Ave., Sandusky
  • Verdant Creations Chillicothe: 1641 N. Bridge St., Chillicothe
  • Verdant Creations Cincinnati: 5149 Kennedy Ave., Cincinnati
  • Verdant Creations Columbus: 1243 N. Cassady Ave., Columbus
  • Verdant Creations Marion: 326 James Way, Marion
  • Verdant Creations Newark: 1546 W Church St., Newark
  • Verilife: 5431 Ridge Ave., Cincinnati
  • ZenLEAF Canton, 1851 Steinway Blvd. SE, Canton


Every month, Wellspring features a dispensary partner that works to sell our top quality products to patients. Dispensaries are an important part of the supply chain to patients and we work diligently to connect with trusted companies offering patients the best experience possible. 

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