• Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain Treatment

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June 10, 2020

Medical cannabis has many uses. Most commonly, it is prescribed for chronic pain management.

The difficult reality for many people is they have few options outside of opioids to control lifelong chronic pain. Opioids come with many side effects, including addiction. Medical cannabis could provide an answer to people looking for an alternative solution for treating chronic pain. 

Chronic Pain Sufferers Seek Help

Any pain that lasts longer than three months is considered chronic. Anything from mild pain to severe, debilitating pain can cause myriad health challenges, including difficulty sleeping and mental health issues.

Although they’re not related to chronic pain, in some cases, they may be secondary to painful symptoms. Chronic pain can come from health conditions including cancer, migraines, or infections.

It may also come from head trauma, PTSD, surgeries, or other issues. Chronic pain sufferers may treat their issues with medication, including opioids, but it is only temporary relief.

The body begins to develop tolerance to the drugs and, over time, they are less effective, yet leaving the person with another debilitating condition: addiction. Patients and doctors are increasingly looking for alternative medicines, including medicinal marijuana, to find relief.

Why Cannabis Works

Medical cannabis works in the endocannabinoid system. This plays a key role in the body’s ability to manage pain.

If that is skewed or not working properly, a person will likely have trouble controlling their pain. The right amount of analgesic in the system helps provide pain relief. Medical cannabis could help make this possible. 

Cannabinoids may also help reduce inflammation, control nausea and vomiting for people receiving chemotherapy, and stimulate appetite for people with cancer and AIDS. While it may aid in some of these conditions, every person responds differently to the use of medical cannabis.

More studies are being done that look at controlling chronic pain and finding out why cannabis seems to hit the mark. 

Lower Risk of Addiction

The growing opioid addiction issues could make it harder to trust the medication for chronic pain relief. Some may use it short term but the pain returns.

Medical cannabis could be the relief option that patients are looking for. While every person is different, with different pain management needs, there is hope for people who struggle with mild to moderate pain and seek relief to get through the day with work, family, and personal obligations. 

Finding Relief

Medical cannabis could provide relief and a higher quality of life for some people with chronic pain. Opioids can be problematic for some people so having an alternative could be a welcome, positive side effect of medical cannabis. With so many strains and varieties available, including methods of use, there is something for everyone seeking relief through medical cannabis.

To learn more about becoming an Ohio Medical Marijuana Patient, visit the Ohio Medical Marijuana website and ask your local dispensary about Wellspring Fields.

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