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Wellspring Fields
June 3, 2020

Family values are the core of our story. Therapeutic medical marijuana is not just a passion, it is a purpose. Our small, family-owned startup began as one of the only startup companies to obtain a grow license in 2018 in the state of Ohio.

We are very proud to be a business run on promises we can deliver on to the customer in the form of tangible products that change lives for the better. Find out why we are the best medical marijuana production company in Ohio.

Humble Beginnings

From the start, sister Claire and brother Spencer Hobson knew they were growing more than plants. They were changing lives with their products and services.

This brother/sister duo work with their father to run an operation of healthy cannabis plants. The purpose began with watching loved ones deal with the side effects of traditional medicine. They knew there had to be another pathway forward.

When Ohio began its Medical Marijuana program, they made it their mission to grow high-quality cannabis to help families find relief for themselves and loved ones.

All Natural, Home Grown

Our company is in a league of its own when it comes to natural, holistic medicine that is clean and free of harmful pesticides and chemicals. The team at Wellspring Fields is proud to bring compassion and care to every person we serve.

Our approach comes from understanding the experience of family and wanting to help others find better treatment for their ailments. We will never give a product that would not be given to a member of our own family.

As a small business, we make it our job to take care of the plants that provide people care. That is the difference we bring from our family to yours.

Our Cultivation & Processing Facility

The Wellspring Fields cannabis cultivation facility is located just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. We adhere to strict quality control measures, as laid out by the State of Ohio, to keep access restricted and safe.

Our 10,000 sq. ft. facility produces a variety of cannabis strains, each thoughtfully selected and cultivated by our team of botanists and growers, all of whom are experienced in the production of healthy, fruitful marijuana plants. Our facility is also one of Ohio’s premier licensed cannabis extraction and processing labs.

Our seasoned experts deploy state-of-the-art technology and techniques to carefully extract the wide variety of oils, concentrates, liquids, and isolates that go into our line of premium cannabis products. The entire process, from seed to flower to chocolate reflects our commitment to quality, safety, and value to the end consumer.

Wellspring Fields is dedicated to your health, wellness, and satisfaction.
From the first meeting, we treat you like family. If you are looking for a safe place to purchase products that are all-natural from a source you can trust, ask your local dispensary about Wellspring Fields medical cannabis and try it for yourself!

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