• Cannabis and Cancer

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October 21, 2020

Marijuana goes by many names, including cannabis and hemp. It has been used in herbal remedies for hundreds of years but is only now gaining widespread attention for its use in cancer-fighting properties that bring relief to thousands of people. Active compounds in cannabis called cannabinoids include THC and CBD, or cannabidiol. A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating but more people are turning to the positive properties of cannabis to provide relief from pain and support for other symptoms, including nausea and lethargy. Find out why more people are turning to cannabis as a way to bring hope to what feels like a challenging situation. 

Marijuana and Cancer Symptoms

People start using marijuana when they receive a diagnosis of cancer to cope with symptoms. Even if they are not sure about curing their cancer, they often seek a better quality of life and longer duration, depending on the diagnosis. Marijuana may be helpful as a companion to chemotherapy drugs and medications used to combat cancer. Vaping, ingesting, and edibles are just a few of the ways people use marijuana in the fight against this disease. Pain relief is another reason people use marijuana, with varying degrees of success for each individual person’s case. 

Possible Risks

Some risk is always possible no matter what drug a person tries in cancer treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation come with risks. Marijuana use also has some risks. The most common effect is disorientation or euphoric ‘high’ some people feel. While some people find it pleasant, others might not and it can bring on feelings of anxiety or paranoia. Marijuana primarily delivers THC directly into the body. The strain and delivery make a difference in how a person responds mentally and physically to the presence of marijuana in their system. Dependence is always one risk, as well as issues with lungs and breathing if used for long periods of time. 

Finding Relief

Decisions about care and pain management should always be between a person and their medical team. Their doctors can best advise the course of treatment and action to take. With all the factors involved, including some risk, it is worth discussing the person’s desires, goals, and hopes for the treatment. This should be paired with laws and regulations governing use in the individual’s home state, which vary widely at this stage. It is best to meet with trained professionals at a dispensary after consulting with treatment professionals about the cancer diagnosis to see what may be the best fit going forward. 

Every person’s situation is unique so it should be taken on a case-by-case basis on how to move forward in finding the right product for that person’s journey. This is not a decision people make lightly. Getting educated by a qualified dispensary on all the available methods of use and products can be enlightening as a person decides how cannabis use fits into their larger treatment plan. With the right support, a person can make decisions that will guide them on the road to finding better health and wellness.

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