Cannabis and Cancer

Marijuana goes by many names, including cannabis and hemp. It has been used in herbal remedies for hundreds of years but is only now gaining widespread attention for its use in cancer-fighting properties that bring relief to thousands of people. Active compounds in cannabis called cannabinoids include THC and CBD, or cannabidiol. A diagnosis of cancer can be devastating but more people are turning to the positive properties of cannabis to provide relief from pain and support for other symptoms, including nausea and lethargy. Find out why more people are turning to cannabis as a way to bring hope to what feels like a challenging situation. 

Marijuana and Cancer Symptoms

People start using marijuana when they receive a diagnosis of cancer to cope with symptoms. Even if they are not sure about curing their cancer, they often seek a better quality of life and longer duration, depending on the diagnosis. Marijuana may be helpful as a companion to chemotherapy drugs and medications used to combat cancer. Vaping, ingesting, and edibles are just a few of the ways people use marijuana in the fight against this disease. Pain relief is another reason people use marijuana, with varying degrees of success for each individual person’s case. 

Possible Risks

Some risk is always possible no matter what drug a person tries in cancer treatment. Chemotherapy and radiation come with risks. Marijuana use also has some risks. The most common effect is disorientation or euphoric ‘high’ some people feel. While some people find it pleasant, others might not and it can bring on feelings of anxiety or paranoia. Marijuana primarily delivers THC directly into the body. The strain and delivery make a difference in how a person responds mentally and physically to the presence of marijuana in their system. Dependence is always one risk, as well as issues with lungs and breathing if used for long periods of time. 

Finding Relief

Decisions about care and pain management should always be between a person and their medical team. Their doctors can best advise the course of treatment and action to take. With all the factors involved, including some risk, it is worth discussing the person’s desires, goals, and hopes for the treatment. This should be paired with laws and regulations governing use in the individual’s home state, which vary widely at this stage. It is best to meet with trained professionals at a dispensary after consulting with treatment professionals about the cancer diagnosis to see what may be the best fit going forward. 

Every person’s situation is unique so it should be taken on a case-by-case basis on how to move forward in finding the right product for that person’s journey. This is not a decision people make lightly. Getting educated by a qualified dispensary on all the available methods of use and products can be enlightening as a person decides how cannabis use fits into their larger treatment plan. With the right support, a person can make decisions that will guide them on the road to finding better health and wellness.

How the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program Works

Medical marijuana was legalized for sale in Ohio in 2016 but could not move forward with actual sales until House Bill 523 was enacted after cutting through regulatory red tape in 2019. Since that time, dispensaries and growers have been opening up to provide Ohioans with the highest quality products and services for all their needs. Because it is highly regulated, the process to get licensed to open can take awhile. Additionally, anyone looking to purchase medical marijuana must walk through a process first. Find out how the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program works and what steps you can take to get started. 

Ohio Medical Marijuana Bill

Even though medical marijuana is legal for sale in Ohio, it comes with  many regulations to keep it safe for growers, dispensaries, and ultimately consumers to navigate the system. Even without as much stigma as existed in the past, there are still misconceptions about what medical marijuana is, why it is legal, and who consumes it. Only certain conditions for use are permitted on a shortlist for consumers. 

These conditions include:

Prescriptions are available by approved doctors who are allowed to recommend medical marijuana products by the State Board of Ohio. A patient-doctor relationship must be established and a risk/benefit analysis completed with their patient. Nearly 450 physicians in early 2019 were allowed to make these recommendations. 


The Ohio program for medical marijuana has only been rolling a short time. Only a handful of growers (including Wellspring Fields), dispensaries, and stores were allowed to operate in Ohio at this time. Although it is seen as a progressive program as it rolls out, there are still strict regulations on licensing the sale of medical marijuana. Many consumers include veterans, people in recovery from opioid use, and those seeking pain relief from various conditions. Growth and cultivation at home are not permitted. The Ohio Control Program oversees the registration, reporting, and inspections of the process with the aim of keeping quality high to minimize consumer risk. 

Getting Started

For consumers to get started, they must register with the State Board of Pharmacy. There is an online registry people can use to receive a card with photo ID, which must be used to purchase cannabis at a licensed Ohio dispensary. Consumers must renew their licenses to purchase every year from the state. No more than a 90-day supply of medical marijuana may be purchased for consumption at one time to regulate the amount people use. 

Finding Products

State law regulates what kind of cannabis can be purchased for legal consumption. Although smoking is not allowed, people can vaporize it and consume cannabis through edibles, tinctures, and other products available. To locate the best products, consumers can look up licensed dispensaries in Ohio from which to set up an appointment, go over their needs, and discuss appropriate products and mode of delivery (vape, edible, etc) with licensed professionals. 

Why People with Epilepsy Are Turning to Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is used to treat many conditions. From cancer to PTSD, people are finding relief from symptoms and pain using medical marijuana. More than ever, people are looking for relief from seizure disorders, including epilepsy, along with their other medications. Even though more research needs to be done, there is promising support for understanding how marijuana impacts people with epilepsy and may offer some relief from the challenges they face. 

How Marijuana Helps

Cannabinoids are in marijuana, which impacts receptors in the body. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one substance people use to help reduce and control seizure activity. With THC, people may ‘feet high,’ but CBD does not psychoactive effects that let people cope with seizures without the buzzy feeling some do not like. Limited opportunities for research make it hard to have breakthroughs in just how marijuana helps people who suffer from epilepsy. Basically, people with marijuana are looking to control the number of seizures, the severity, and the impact of them afterward. Every person’s experience varies but specific strains of marijuana can be more helpful than others in the fight against epilepsy:

A marijuana doctor who is licensed can evaluate medical needs to determine what will work best for a certain situation. From there, the person can visit a dispensary to find the right products to provide relief. 


Both THC and CBD are cannabinoids that come from the cannabis plant but impact people differently when they use medical marijuana. THC makes people feel different than CBD, whose effects cannot be felt. Unlike THC, CBD will not create a ‘buzzy’ feeling. CBD can block the intoxicating effects of THC because it binds to cannabinoid receptors. The effects are less pronounced than with THC, which is why CBD is more commonly used in pediatric patients with seizure disorders and for those who want relief without psychoactive feelings.

Pet Epilepsy

Veterinarians are looking at ways to help their animal friends find relief from pet epilepsy. Broad-spectrum formulations seem to be more effective than single components, with pet owners and vets looking to help pet patients lessen the severity of seizures, shorten recovery time, and possibly prevent an imminent seizure. The use of CBD is showing promise when given in moderate doses but more research is being conducted to review the results and find out what kind of CBD is effective, dosage, and how best to support vulnerable animals.

The more research that is done, the more relief people may find from symptoms related to epileptic seizures. For those who suffer, marijuana may be their best bet in the fight against a devastating condition. 

How Cannabis Soothes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

People who suffer from conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) look for many ways to soothe their symptoms. Coping with the mental and physical manifestations can lead some to deal with it by using substances.

Because the pain or mental anguish can be difficult to bear, they may look to alternative methods of soothing the symptoms and turning away from alcohol or other drugs. Cannabis use is increasing across the states for many conditions, including PTSD, as a positive alternative to pharmaceutical treatments. 

What Life with PTSD Looks Like

PTSD is a condition manifesting in anxiety, depression, poor concentration, lack of sleep, hyperarousal, and other symptoms. People with PTSD typically have it because they experienced trauma, neglect, abuse, or challenges they struggle to overcome.

Instead of using Adderall, opioids, or other medications, Ohio patients can turn to cannabis for relief. 

With PTSD, daily tasks are often hard to navigate, including work, school, and personal lives. Cannabis could help people with PTSD sleep and cope with anxiety attacks so they can get through the day.

Veterans who come back from serving our country to live as a civilian again are sometimes faced with the challenge of overcoming PTSD from their experiences abroad, and are often less able to concentrate, focus, and deal with daily life after experiencing shocking and traumatic events in the course of their service. Their higher propensity to experience combat trauma can put them in higher-risk categories for the following:

Treatments for PTSD

Even though nothing is one hundred percent effective all of the time, new discoveries and research demonstrate how cannabis can have a soothing effect on people’s PTSD symptoms. People with PTSD have been found to be missing an endogenous cannabinoid compound, according to a 2017 study in the journal of Neuropsychopharmacology.

According to these researchers, the cannabis plant could act as a replacement for this missing cannabinoid compound. 

Endocannabinoid deficiency means the body stops producing enough endocannabinoids to fill receptor sites. Cannabis could help fill in the gaps by replenishing missing endocannabinoids.

The same is true for other parts of the brain that experience deficiencies. They may not experience pain, fear, anxiety, and memory well as a result of PTSD symptoms.

Cannabis could help soothe these symptoms and bring the person more peace while alleviating some symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other conditions. 

Cannabis could help people with PTSD to minimize or prevent nightmares associated with the trauma, according to Dr George A Fraser in his 2009 paper. This hallmark of PTSD symptoms can derail a person’s mental health over time.

They can be triggered night or day, causing insomnia, anxiety, fear, panic, and other disorders to arise. This constant state of fight-flight-or-freeze in the mind and body can lead to chronic health conditions that need long-term support measures. 

Finding Support

The outstanding promise shown in the successful use of cannabis as a means of therapy and treatment for PTSD has led people from all walks of life to consider medical marijuana. 

Currently, the only FDA-approved drugs for the treatment of PTSD are the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), sertraline (Zoloft, Pfizer), and paroxetine HCl (Paxil, GlaxoSmithKline). Although SSRIs boast an overall response rate of 60% in patients with PTSD, only 20% to 30% of patients achieve complete remission.

This inconsistency of medication with SSRIs and SNRIs in patients with PTSD has led investigators to a search for alternative therapies, including cannabis.

Medical Cannabis could be a great way to help improve the quality of life for people who suffer from PTSD that have not found other sources of relief. 

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The Highest Quality Medical Marijuana in Ohio

Wellspring Fields believes in the power of medical marijuana to support individual health and wellness. We provide families and individuals in Ohio with therapeutic, medical marijuana in support of the various qualifying ailments and conditions approved under Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program.

Because we know personally what it means to suffer the side effects of prescription medication, having watched family members struggle with pharmaceuticals for many years, we made it our mission to help people find lasting relief in a more natural way. Our family-owned business provides Ohioans only the highest quality medicinal cannabis in the state. Find out why we are the premier medical marijuana producer and processor in Ohio.

The Wellspring Fields Approach

When Wellspring Fields was founded, we decided to bring a family approach to the business of growing and creating medical marijuana products. As a small business, we rival larger, multi-state corporations in service and commitment to quality.

Each plant is carefully tended so only the best, home-grown cannabis is offered to Ohio patients, fresh from the wellspring. Every employee is highly trained in cultivation and processing practices respectively that match our high standard of excellence.

This approach drives the team to get up every day knowing we are delivering the best cannabis products in Ohio to those who need it most, from our family to yours. 

Commitment to Quality

Quality is one of the most important aspects of our business. Our 10,000 square foot cultivation facility features high-tech OpticPAR LED grow lights from SpecGrade LED. This allows for the optimal growth process through photosynthetic nutrition to the plants throughout the entire life cycle. 

Our facility is licensed to grow within Ohio’s strict standards to restrict access to grow rooms and ensure the safety of everyone on staff. Our premium cannabis cultivation makes us one of the highest quality producers and processors of medical marijuana in Ohio.

When a patient buys a Wellspring Fields product, they know that the product has been deeply and professionally cared for since the plant was a seed to the time that the finished product is crafted.

Products Available

As a licensed processing facility, Wellspring Fields not only grows premium cannabis plants but we also process these plants into sophisticated alternate methods of consumption.  These include our line of premium edibles that include chocolates, caramels, hard candy, peanut butter, and other delicious goodies.

We also offer a variety of strengths in concentrates, oils, vape pens, crumbles, and resin. No matter what method of consumption or level of potency works for you, Wellspring Fields has you covered.

Dispensary Partners

We’re proud to partner with Ohio’s many licensed medical marijuana dispensaries to get premium cannabis products to market for registered patients. As a leader in the industry, our staff is in contact with our dispensary partners across the state ensuring orders are processed, shipments are sent on their way, and patients receive the products and medicine they need to treat a variety of conditions.

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Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain Treatment

Medical cannabis has many uses. Most commonly, it is prescribed for chronic pain management.

The difficult reality for many people is they have few options outside of opioids to control lifelong chronic pain. Opioids come with many side effects, including addiction. Medical cannabis could provide an answer to people looking for an alternative solution for treating chronic pain. 

Chronic Pain Sufferers Seek Help

Any pain that lasts longer than three months is considered chronic. Anything from mild pain to severe, debilitating pain can cause myriad health challenges, including difficulty sleeping and mental health issues.

Although they’re not related to chronic pain, in some cases, they may be secondary to painful symptoms. Chronic pain can come from health conditions including cancer, migraines, or infections.

It may also come from head trauma, PTSD, surgeries, or other issues. Chronic pain sufferers may treat their issues with medication, including opioids, but it is only temporary relief.

The body begins to develop tolerance to the drugs and, over time, they are less effective, yet leaving the person with another debilitating condition: addiction. Patients and doctors are increasingly looking for alternative medicines, including medicinal marijuana, to find relief.

Why Cannabis Works

Medical cannabis works in the endocannabinoid system. This plays a key role in the body’s ability to manage pain.

If that is skewed or not working properly, a person will likely have trouble controlling their pain. The right amount of analgesic in the system helps provide pain relief. Medical cannabis could help make this possible. 

Cannabinoids may also help reduce inflammation, control nausea and vomiting for people receiving chemotherapy, and stimulate appetite for people with cancer and AIDS. While it may aid in some of these conditions, every person responds differently to the use of medical cannabis.

More studies are being done that look at controlling chronic pain and finding out why cannabis seems to hit the mark. 

Lower Risk of Addiction

The growing opioid addiction issues could make it harder to trust the medication for chronic pain relief. Some may use it short term but the pain returns.

Medical cannabis could be the relief option that patients are looking for. While every person is different, with different pain management needs, there is hope for people who struggle with mild to moderate pain and seek relief to get through the day with work, family, and personal obligations. 

Finding Relief

Medical cannabis could provide relief and a higher quality of life for some people with chronic pain. Opioids can be problematic for some people so having an alternative could be a welcome, positive side effect of medical cannabis. With so many strains and varieties available, including methods of use, there is something for everyone seeking relief through medical cannabis.

To learn more about becoming an Ohio Medical Marijuana Patient, visit the Ohio Medical Marijuana website and ask your local dispensary about Wellspring Fields.

From Our Family to Yours

Family values are the core of our story. Therapeutic medical marijuana is not just a passion, it is a purpose. Our small, family-owned startup began as one of the only startup companies to obtain a grow license in 2018 in the state of Ohio.

We are very proud to be a business run on promises we can deliver on to the customer in the form of tangible products that change lives for the better. Find out why we are the best medical marijuana production company in Ohio.

Humble Beginnings

From the start, sister Claire and brother Spencer Hobson knew they were growing more than plants. They were changing lives with their products and services.

This brother/sister duo work with their father to run an operation of healthy cannabis plants. The purpose began with watching loved ones deal with the side effects of traditional medicine. They knew there had to be another pathway forward.

When Ohio began its Medical Marijuana program, they made it their mission to grow high-quality cannabis to help families find relief for themselves and loved ones.

All Natural, Home Grown

Our company is in a league of its own when it comes to natural, holistic medicine that is clean and free of harmful pesticides and chemicals. The team at Wellspring Fields is proud to bring compassion and care to every person we serve.

Our approach comes from understanding the experience of family and wanting to help others find better treatment for their ailments. We will never give a product that would not be given to a member of our own family.

As a small business, we make it our job to take care of the plants that provide people care. That is the difference we bring from our family to yours.

Our Cultivation & Processing Facility

The Wellspring Fields cannabis cultivation facility is located just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. We adhere to strict quality control measures, as laid out by the State of Ohio, to keep access restricted and safe.

Our 10,000 sq. ft. facility produces a variety of cannabis strains, each thoughtfully selected and cultivated by our team of botanists and growers, all of whom are experienced in the production of healthy, fruitful marijuana plants. Our facility is also one of Ohio’s premier licensed cannabis extraction and processing labs.

Our seasoned experts deploy state-of-the-art technology and techniques to carefully extract the wide variety of oils, concentrates, liquids, and isolates that go into our line of premium cannabis products. The entire process, from seed to flower to chocolate reflects our commitment to quality, safety, and value to the end consumer.

Wellspring Fields is dedicated to your health, wellness, and satisfaction.
From the first meeting, we treat you like family. If you are looking for a safe place to purchase products that are all-natural from a source you can trust, ask your local dispensary about Wellspring Fields medical cannabis and try it for yourself!